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Qualchem PanSan Toilet Bowl Cleaner 5L
Mild, phosphoric acid based daily toilet and urinal cleaner
Qualchem Transport Multi Purpose Vehicle Wash 20L
Transport Multi Purpose Vehicle Wash
Qualchem C-Thru Window & Glass Cleaner 5L
Fast acting, ammoniated window cleaner, cleans without streaking.
Qualchem Ultimate Extra Heavy Duty Degreaser 20L
Degreaser for cleaning concrete floors and automotive types of oils and greases
GreenR Liquid Laundry Detergent - 5 L
Environmental concentrated Liquid Laundry detergent for use in domestic and commercial washing machines.
Defoamer Concentrate - 5 Litre
Qualchem Spring Fresh Lemon Disinfectant Cleaner 5L
Springfresh - Lemon Fresh Disinfectant Cleaner - 5 Litre
Urine Digester Odor Neutralizer Lemon 946ml
Bacteria Enzyme Digester - Lemon 936ml
Smartclean Spray & Wipe Citrus 5L
Ideal for offices, lunch rooms, households, etc where there is a high level of human contact with walls, furniture, doors and windows, fittings and fixtures
Smartclean Spotlite Dishwash Detergent 5L
Lemon scented international brand cleaning power. Perfect for commercial or home use. Low on price-High on performance.
Smartclean SPC600 Stainless & Porcelain Cleaner 5L
A highly viscous and powerful liquid cleaner- sanitizer designed specifically for stainless steel and porcelain surfaces
Smartclean Pine-Away Disinfectant 5L CS40
Our low-cost, general-purpose disinfectant with Pine Oil, leaving a pleasant long lasting fragrance. Use where any general sanitizing / light cleaning is required.




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